Raised buttons have a minimum size of 88.0 by 36.0

To increase/decrease the size of raised button , wrap the raised button in a container or in sized box and give them the desired height and width.

For Example->


Now the Raised Button will have width as 100 and height as 40.

Another better Option is to use ButtonTheme



Make sure , you are using ScrollConfiguration in a stateful widget.

And you are Done!

Declare your getImage method->

Display your Picked image in the container ->

Calling the GetImage Method->

Similarly we can call GetImage method for Camera input with input index 1 .

All done!

Expanded should only be descendant of a column, row or flex.

So, if anywhere expanded is Present in other than column , row or flex widget, try removing those widget.

For Example → Simply Using the Expanded wiget in the Conatiner can cause Error.

Try to wrap it in Column / Row or Flex Widget.

Simply wrap Expanded in the Row/Column or Flex widget and your Problem will be Solved.

Feel free to ask if you face any issue regarding this.

[Installation Problem in flutter]

Make sure , you have downloaded the following-:

  1. flutter
  2. git

Next , is to add the following in user Path Variables [ Environment Variables<Users<Path ]

  1. C:\src\flutter\bin

Now, add them in System Path Variables. [Environment Variables< System< Path]

  1. C:\Program Files\Git\cmd
  2. C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\
  3. C:\Windows\System32

Congratulations! , Your Setup is Ready.


Introduction to Classes

All programs require one or more classes that act as a model for the world.

For example, a program to track student test scores might have Student, Course, and Grade classes. Our real-world concerns, students and their grades, are inside the program as classes.

We represent each student as an…



Let’s say we are writing a program that represents a user’s bank account.

With variables, we know how to store a balance! We’d use a double, the primitive type that can hold big decimal numbers.

But how would we deposit and withdraw from the account?

Java has built-in math operations…



Let’s say we need a program that connects a user with new jobs. We need the user’s name, their salary, and their employment status. All of these pieces of information are stored in our program.

We store information in variables, named locations in memory.

Naming a piece of information allows…

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