Flutter Vs React-Native

React native is an open-source mobile application framework that uses JavaScript. Or a javaScript Framework for writing real, natively rendering mobile apps for platforms like iOS and Android.

Flutter is a portable UI toolkit, a comprehensive app Software Development Kit (SDK), complete with widgets and tools. It is an app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity apps for iOS, Android and technical preview from a single codebase

  1. Cross platform Development

Although both support Cross Platform Development.React Native offers a much stronger developer experience. Because our application is mostly just JavaScript, we get a lot of the perks of web development, like being able to instantly “refresh” our application to see your code changes. Compared to the long minutes spent waiting to rebuild a traditional mobile application, this feels to be a blessing

2. Hot Reload

Again both support Hot Reload,Hot Reload allow developers to make changes to the codebase on-the-fly, and see them immediately reflected in the application and it typically takes milli-seconds for changes to show.To improve this feature , Relative native includes a new features called fast refresh which combines live and hot-reload.

3. Performance

Though react Native is popular for delivering excellent user experience on both the platforms. Flutter has the extra advantage of reusing the code while React Native is less suitable due to its architecture and has less precise documentation

4. Stability

A key advantage for React Native over Flutter is its more established and more experienced developer community.The React Native has passed 5 years since its launch, so supports more stable API, as well as well focused on fixing issues and solving problems, where as flutter is comparatively smaller Community, when it comes to developing desktop apps with Flutter, the API is still in the development stage.

5. Libraries support

Flutter is quite new ,this means we can’t always find the functionality you need in existing libraries,which arises the need to build custom functionality themselves,consuming more time,whereas react native being older supports a very rich library, but few being useless.

6. Ease of Coding

React native uses javascript programming language.Needless to say, it has received enormous popularity be it a mobile, web, or server-specific code and is supported well by almost all leading IDEs.

Flutter is based on Dart language and provides a captivating graphics library and as it is new so supported by Android Studio/IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code at present.

7. Speed

Flutter is 2 times more smooth and faster than Relative Native because most of the work is done on GPU (graphics processing unit); that’s why Flutter UI is smooth and delivers 60fps (frames per second).

8. Attractive Layout

Flutter offers a more attractive layout as it has its own set of custom widgets, rendered and managed by the framework’s graphics engine (source).It was created so that you could easily create your own widgets, or simply customize an existing widget.

9. Code sharing

In react native, we can also extract shared code in mobile, desktop, and web apps, to a separate repository; treat it as a separate project; then inject it in the same way as another dependency.This allows a developer to focus on writing code for a specific platform without having to consider compatibility with another one.When it comes to developing desktop apps with Flutter, APIs are in very early stages of development.

10. Works for Both -Web +App

It can be desirable for a consumer facing product to exist on the web as well as on mobile and this is where React native is the user’s first choice.It allows to share code between react web and react native app.

Websites made from React Native

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Reddit

Websites made from Flutter

  • Meeve
  • WaterManiac
  • HuYu

Apps made from React Native

  • Myntra
  • UberEats
  • Instagram

Apps made from Flutter

  • KlasterMe
  • Hamilton
  • Top Goals


React Native is the most appropriate and the best choice when wants to work with both Web as well as Apps. Its Code sharing facility proves to be the best facility any developer wants to have,while the latter doesn’t support it. Another Biggest Advantage of choosing React Native over Flutter is it uses Javascript while the flutter uses Dart which is not known by many developers . JavaScript remains most popular Programming Language till date.Since Node.js framework can be used for both frontend and backend development, JavaScript became highly popular among web developers